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Burial Funeral Service Package $17,888
殯葬服務配套 –佛教/道教

3 days 2 nights service at home or parlour (Burial)
三天兩夜在喪府或殯葬禮堂的殯葬服務 (土葬)

領取死亡與下葬證書 Obtaining Death and Burial Certificates
認領與運送遺體 Body claim and Transport
打防腐劑/乾冰與化妝服務 Embalming/dry ice, make up
土葬壽木(一副) Value Burial Casket (1 unit)
白锌棚(二十尺X 二十尺) (個)
/莊嚴殯儀禮堂 Zinc Canopy(20 ft x 20ft) (5 units)/ or Funeral Parlour
風扇(八把)、燈(十盞) Table (20 units),Table Cloth (40 units),
Chair (150 units), Chair Cover (150 units), Fan (8 units), Light (10 units),
相片放大服務 Photo Enlargement
花團錦簇相框 Fresh Flowers Photo Frame
莊嚴追思靈堂 Decorated memorial altar
追思紀念冊與鉑金箱使用 Memorial Book and use of Condolence Box
路向指示牌 Road Signs
服務人員(一組) 包括晚間服務人員 Service Team (1 group) including Night Service Personnel
佛教/道教誦經打齋服務 (法師/道士) Buddhist / Taoist  Prayer Service (Monks / Priest)
往生者祭奠品 (兩份) Offerings to Deceased (2 sets)
香燭紙品 (一套) Joss sticks and Prayer Materials (1 set)
燈飾精工製作紙紮 Handcrafted Paper Model with lights
女婿銘旌 (一幅) Son-in-law Flag (1 unit)
麻衣孝服 (十五套) Sackcloth and Mourning Garments (15 pax)
紅包糖果(二百封) Ang Pow with Sweets (200 pcs)
礦泉水 (十五箱) Mineral Water (15 cartons)
花生 (八十包) Peanuts (80 packets)
專業出殯西樂隊 (一組) Professional Music Band (1 group)
出殯高級靈車 (一輛)(單程) Funeral Superior Hearse (1 unit) (one  way)
出殯冷氣巴士 (一輛-四十四座) (雙程) Air-con Bus (1unit) (44seats)
紀念品 — 面巾 (一百條) Souvenir – Towel (100 pcs)
神主牌 (一個) Altar Tablet (1 unit)
司儀 (一位) Emcee (1 person)
Total Funeral Package $17,888.00

Out of Budget?
Basic Funeral $4,500
Basic Services include
Obtaining Death Certificate
Body Claim & Transport
Mercedes Benz Hearse
Cremation Casket & Urn
Cremation Charges
Exclude all services above.

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